Hi, you can call me Cobos and this is my personal/developer blog.

Why this blog?

Why this blog? … This is a good question, but … does it really matter?

In the next days  I will update my social networks (are not many) , my Github will have all my school practices, and  I hope if I have time,  put in my Github my personal preojects. Some times I will update my calendar with some activitys or things to do, to finish one Project or thigs like that.

In what do I believe? … I believe in dreams, hope, future, faith, love … and many people laugh when they know about what  I believe, But I was able to know love and feel love, I can feel faith, I see many dreams come true,  I can feel the hope of people and the most important  thing is I see all the feelings of every person.

What I want with this blog? I want to practice and learn english bcause I dont have anyone to talk or chat in this lenguaje, if you see any errors in my writing (spelling, syntax …) please let me know, I really would appreciate your corrections. Other thing that I want is to learn from people, meet amazing people and show my  code, words, photos, dreams, documents, and many other stuff to the world wide web community.

What is my name ? … you can call me COBOS or C0305.

Please feel free to keep in touch, you can ask for anything on this blog

Feel free, as freedom, here.

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