Hi, you can call me Cobos and this is my personal/developer blog.

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How To install Xdebug in Mac Os Sierra with php7.2

HomeBrew is an excelent package manager but they have to many movementes so this things like install xdebug are a little bit confused. In my case I have all my environment ready thanks to valet, I just need to install xdebug if you dont have your environment ready this link could be usefull for you https://laravel.com/docs/5.6/valet […]

Academic Forum Of National Technology of Mexico #13

On Friday of this week I offered a workshop for the academic forum of The National Technology of México # 13 to show and give the opportunity to the students of this institution to be closer to the world of free software, showing them the freedom of this movement and start the use of Debian GNU […]

Path to Mr. Robot Easter Eggs

Yesterday I was watching Mr. Robot, caught my attention the different techniques I saw it, I also found many interesting things. Ok, we start here,in the episode **Find Episode Name**, when Darlene start using SET (Social Engine Toolkit), which can be found at github and is always in active development. If you see at the picture, you can see […]

How to install Encfs on Mac OSX Sierra

What is Encfs? Encfs is a free FUSE-based cryptographic file system. it transparently encrypt files, using  an arbitrary directory as storage for encrypted files Two directores are involved in mounting EncFS filesystem: The source directory, and the mountpoint. Each file in the mountpoint has an specific file in the source directory that correspond to it. […]

Why this blog?

Why this blog? … This is a good question, but … does it really matter? In the next days  I will update my social networks (are not many) , my Github will have all my school practices, and  I hope if I have time,  put in my Github my personal preojects. Some times I will update my calendar with some activitys or things […]